GDPR Training

This GDPR training course is for anyone who handles personal data. It provides understanding of the General Data Protection Regulations, or GDPR – which are all about keeping personal data safe and protecting the interests of the people whose data you hold.

Quality Improvement within Your Service

This course is recommended for Managers and Supervisors working within the Care Sector. The Care Inspectorate are developing new approaches to inspections and the scrutiny of quality, and are assessing the extent to which people experience wellbeing, understanding and the difference care and support makes to lives.

Personal Safety

This unique workshop gives participants a solid understanding of body language, spatial awareness, the effects of adrenaline in an aggressive encounter, pro-active strategies to avoid violence and a thorough understanding of the Law as it relates to self-defence.

Reiki 1

Reiki: – A Japanese comlipmentary therapy for stress reduction + relaxation, that also promotes healing.
Enabling individuals to promote, restore, and maintain health and well-being.

Person Centred Care Planning

TThis training will look at the physical, emotional and health and wellbeing and of the individual. Our training will provide attendees with an understanding of how they can work alongside other health professionals, as well as teaching them how to make initial assessments that meet the needs of each individual.

Exploring Intimate Relationships in Care

Although this is a difficult subject for carers, this course aims to explore sexuality in care and give an understanding of sexuality within the care setting and the challenges that this can bring to carers. The course will raise awareness of the rights of vulnerable adults and how to understand relationships.

Nutrition and Hydration Awareness

This course is aimed at carers who need to understand the importance of the basics of good nutrition and hydration as well as providing practical guidance for how to put these into practice within a care setting.

Chronic Conditions

This course will give an understanding of the chronic conditions that face many people causing significant challenges and difficulties in their everyday life.

Tissue Viability

Tissue viability training course considers all aspects of skin and would care. Learners will gain an understanding of the MUST tool and the Waterlow Assessment.

Supporting People to Live With Epilepsy

This course will give an understanding of Epilepsy, the different types of epilepsy along with signs and understanding. You will gain an understanding of what to do when dealing with someone taking a seizure.

Dementia and Meaningful Activities

This course will give an understanding of Dementia as well as allow the carer to support services users to meet their basic needs including socialisation and a sense of accomplishment to promote cognitive and physical stimulation using meaningful actives with service users with Dementia.

Scottish Manual Handling Passport Scheme

The Scottish Manual Handling Passport Scheme (SMHPS) is an initiative designed to improve the standard and consistency of manual handling training and the systems that underpin it within Health Boards and Local Authorities in Scotland.

Personal Foot Care

This course will enable attendees to provide basic foot care to service users through knowledge and skills. The course will cover theory and practical skills.

Record Keeping and Report Writing

This course is aimed at care and support workers and aims to give an understanding of the importance of keeping accurate records and how to record objectively.

Professional Positive Customer Care

This course is aimed at any organisation wishing to give their employees a good understanding of customer care to enable them to deliver high quality customer care.

Sexuality Awareness

This course is suitable of all care and support workers and raises awareness of what sexuality is and understanding the rights of services users and adults with learning difficulties.

Roles and Responsibilities

This course gives and understanding of Roles and Responsibilities of care and support workers including care standards and confidentiality.

Support & Protection of Vulnerable Groups

This course covers the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007 how to recognise abuse, awareness of abuse, abusive practices and protection of vulnerable groups in the care environment.

Palliative Care and End of Life

This course will increase your knowledge on palliative care, the teams involved in this and advanced care planning in end of life.

Working with Challenging Behaviour

This course is designed to increase awareness of the types, causes, signs, symptoms of challenging behaviour. The course will explain current legislation and give you knowledge that can be used when dealing with the challenging behaviour of the service user.

Stroke Awareness

This course will give you an understanding of what stroke is and give knowledge on how to support service users in your caring role.

Management Skills for Supervisors

This course is aimed at supervisors. team leaders or anyone wishing to progress to supervisors. This course provides an introduction to theory and practice of supervision and the tasks you may undertake as a supervisor.

Communication Skills

This course will an understanding of communication while working with service users, the barriers found in communicating and the understanding of good communication skills.

Aspergers Awareness

This course will give an understanding of Aspergers Syndrome, behaviours and treatments.

Anaphylaxis Awareness

This course will give information and training on how to recognise and treat this condition. This training will give anyone who finds themselves with an allergy emergency the confidence to deal with the situation effectively.

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