PDA in Leadership

The Professional Development Award in Leadership at SCQF Level 8 offers you the opportunity to develop your competence, knowledge and skills in practical leadership through implementing operational plans

PDA in Planning and Implementing Change

The award has been developed through rigorous research involving employers, centres, and potential candidates of the qualification. The award makes use of the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for management as specified by the Council for Administration (CfA).

PDA in Leading Change

The Professional Development Award (PDA) in Leading Change at SCQF level 9 offers candidates the opportunity to develop their management competence in a specific aspect of managerial work, ie ‘facilitating change’, which is one of the six areas of competence identified by the standards setting body, Council for Administration (CFA).

PDA in Management

This award will help you if you already have some experience of taking management responsibility within a team or expect to undertake such responsibility in the future. The PDA is jointly certificated by SQA and The Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

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