GDPR Training

This GDPR training course is for anyone who handles personal data. It provides understanding of the General Data Protection Regulations, or GDPR – which are all about keeping personal data safe and protecting the interests of the people whose data you hold.

Facilitation Skills

For any meeting or project to achieve a successful outcome, first-rate facilitation skills are vital. A good facilitator will ensure that all voices are heard, that key messages are understood, and that there is commitment by every person involved.

Customer Care

This training is for all employees no matter what role they hold in your organisation as Customer Care is for everyone. This course will cover the basic skills of excellent Customer Care.

The Role of a Supervisor

This course will highlight the importance of the role of a supervisor and how to manage a team. This course is for Supervisors. Team Leaders and moving in to the role of Supervisor.

Health & Safety and Risk Assessment

As part of managing the health and safety of your business you must have in place a risk assessment policy. This course will help you to understand the legal requirements for health and safety in your business.

Team Leadership Training

This half day course provides candidates with a greater understanding of team leadership, ensuring they have the skills required to motivate a team to improve their performance.

Team Leader Workshop

This one day workshop provides the candidates with information on the importance of team motivation and how to instil a culture of continuous improvement in your organisation. Delegates will gain a greater understanding of what makes a good team leader as well as best practice when managing a team.

Professional Positive Customer Care

This course is aimed at any organisation wishing to give their employees a good understanding of customer care to enable them to deliver high quality customer care.

Management Skills for Supervisors

This course is aimed at supervisors. team leaders or anyone wishing to progress to supervisors. This course provides an introduction to theory and practice of supervision and the tasks you may undertake as a supervisor.

Confidence Building

This course will help build your confidence and raise awareness of how you can build positive thinking into your life.

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