Everyone has the right to be safe
This course offers a developed Personal Safety workshop which will give your Staff/Service users the ability to deal with aggressive behaviour and violence in a safe and effective manner, using proven de-escalation strategies and promoting a holistic understanding of aggressive behaviour and the reasons behind it.

This unique workshop gives participants a solid understanding of body language, spatial awareness, the effects of adrenaline in an aggressive encounter, pro-active strategies to avoid violence and a thorough understanding of the Law as it relates to self-defence.

ERA's Chief Instructor - Kenneth McKeand, has been involved in many areas of social care over the last 20 years, working with people of all ages and abilities including residential education for boys with behavioural problems, supporting children and adults with learning difficulties and over the last decade supporting Young Carers affected by relatives with disabilities, Mental health issues and substance misuse problems whilst also working for the Richmond Fellowship Scotland’s challenging behaviour service.


  • Participants feel confident to use effective strategies to deescalate and prevent violence.
  • Participant will have solid knowledge of the law as relates to self defence.
  • Participants will understand the reasons behind aggressive behaviour.

Course Duration: 4 hours

Further Information:
Attendees will be expected to stay for the full course to receive a certificate of attendance.