PDA in Leadership and Management of the Work of Others

Course Overview:

The PDA in Leadership and Management of the Work of Others at SCQF level 7 focuses on two main areas of managerial competence — providing leadership and managing the work of others in a department, section or division. Learners who successfully achieve this PDA will possess the skills and competence to provide direction for people in their area of responsibility and enable, inspire, motivate and support them. They will also be able to allocate work on a fair basis, making best use of time and available resources to ensure agreed objectives are met. This qualification has been designed to be delivered in the workplace with learners generating the required evidence as part of their current management role.

The main target audience for the PDA in Leadership and Management of the Work of Others at SCQF level 7 is those currently employed in management posts, usually at first line or middle management levels (ie responsible for a particular section, division or department of an organisation). Learners do not need to have formal relevant qualifications to enter this PDA but must be in a suitable management job role and be able to generate the relevant evidence in the workplace.

The PDA consists of 2 SVQ units, which are workplace Units at 23 SCQF credits (14 at level 7 and 9 at level 8). To be eligible for these units, learners must have current occupational experience in a management role and be able to generate the relevant evidence.

  • DR75 04 Provide Leadership in Your Area of Responsibility
  • FD3K 04 Allocate and Monitor the Progress and Quality of Work in Your Area of Responsibility

This award will allow candidates to develop capacity to provide leadership and direction for people in their area of responsibility, enhance their ability to monitor the progress and quality of work of others in their area of responsibility and develop capacity to ensure objectives are met and work is planned, making best use of resources.

This award is taught with a mixture of independent and guided learning. This means you must be able to attend a half day workshop in our training centre once a fortnight for a minimum of 5-6 sessions. In between these sessions you will have some research/study/assignment work. Assessment is ongoing and will take the form of written reflective accounts and observation in the workplace. This award should take no more than 3-4 months but this depends on the amount of time a candidate is willing/able to spend on the work. It is a practical award and you will be required to provide evidence to show that you can contribute to the managing of a task and working in a team.

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