Basic IT Skills

Course Overview:

This course will give an understanding of basic skills for using a computer, sending email, word processing and using webpages.

Course Content:

Computer Skills

  • Use a mouse to point, click and double-click
  • Keyboard and typing tips
  • Opening and closing software files
  • Accessing a CD-ROM
  • Locating a saved file
  • How to copy and paste files or text

Email Skills

  • Send an e-mail message
  • Receive an e-mail message
  • Attach a file to an e-mail

Word Processing Skills

  • Using the Enter/Return key to create a blank line
  • Tab text to indent a line
  • Apply basic formatting: bold, italic & centre
  • Save a file (including naming the file and locating where to save the file) Print a file

Web Skills

  • Go to specified web address
  • Follow link to new file
  • Scroll through web page
  • Use back button to return to web page
  • Perform basic search in search engine
  • Identify and evaluate search results
  • Download and view file from webpage
  • Print web page

Course Duration: 3 hours

Further Information: Cost £27.50

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